Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Getaway - Park Royal Penang

Today is the first day of school after a week of heaven-like school holiday. I'm still having Sunday blues. Hehe. Hai tak sangkalah, kalau jadi teacher pun, bila nak start school perasaan tetap sama macam dulu-dulu masa sekolah (read: still in holiday mood).

I did settled a few things during the holidays, marking test papers, decorated some wedding hantaran for a friend's wedding (Happy :D) and the best was my family gathering in Penang. ^__^ It was a short 2 days-one night stay at Park Royal Hotel, Batu Feringgi but we really enjoyed out times together. Oh lovely sisters I love you! I did prepare some lasagna, Angah brought cucoq udang and Along brought potato salad. Not to forget Mommy's best home made dishes and we had our 'picnic' in Park Royal. Hehehehe :)

The only thing that was not fun... because my Abang wasn't there to join us, as he got some out-of-the-station job. It's okay though, I understand and will always do! :D 

Feringgi is about 1hour 30minutes drive from my hometown, and we went there frequently and we always loved to be there! Maybe it's because of the beaches, the shore activities, the lovely hotels and the shopping- friendly environment (Ehhh?)

Park Royal is ranked at number 3 out of 11 hotels in Feringghi by the Tripadvisor. My family had been here for two times, and we returned to Park Royal because of the fantastic experience we always had. Of course there are more hotels and you can always check on line before you start your trip.

The hotel is situated by the beach (this is what I loved most) and you can always choose for a seaview, hillview or building view (haha) room. Breakfast was great and we sat and ate until we were bursting. There are variety selection of food and I always loved the pancakes and the omelette plus the fresh fruit and vegetable juices you can request.

The hotel pool was fantastic and it has two pools basically, and if I were not mistaken the first pool was for those with the swimsuit while the other one was for those who doesn't have the proper swimwear. So we can always go and swim happily :)

There is also a play room for children which is the Koko Kids Club where the hotel's staff arranged some activities for the kids in the club. So you can always take your baby and kids there to do some craft and enjoyable activities.

For me, what I loved most about Park Royal is the beach activities and the night souq which is situated along the roadside of the hotel. At the beach you can try to go on the Banana Boat, jet ski, parachute and other coastal ride they have. At night, you can have a nice night walk while shopping at the night souq :)

Breakfast - semua dah kekenyangan tapi tak mau bergerak :)


Darling sisters ^_^

Bye bye Penang, we are looking forward to see you again soon, InsyaAllah :)


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